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Year Six Classes

2019-2020 Highlights

Term 1 


In term 1, we explored place value. We used practical and pictorial resources to explore numbers up to ten million and then completed a variety of abstract tasks. We are currently part way through our ‘four operations’ topic, learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. So far, we have learnt how to use a range of methods to solve multi-step problems with a variety of different operations. After half term, we will continue learning about division and multiplication by finding common factors, multiples and prime numbers up to 100. Once we have a secure knowledge of this, we will move on to our fractions topic.

                                               Year 6 1                    Year 6 2

We started the year by reading ‘The Island’. What a thought provoking book it is! It sparked so many interesting debates and discussions between us. We couldn’t believe how the islanders treated the poor, washed up stranger so we wrote persuasive letters from the fisherman’s perspective, persuading the islanders to let the poor man stay. We met the woman from the village and asked her questions to find out why she was so frightened of the stranger. After listening to her opinion, we wrote a diary entry from her perspective. Inspired by the illustration of the screaming woman, we looked at the famous scream painting by Edvard Munch. We took a photo of ourselves recreating the same pose and sketched the image using charcoal.  Next, we read ‘A wrinkle in time’ to inspire our next topic of setting descriptions. In this topic, we learnt a range of descriptive writing techniques that we could use to create a clear image of the setting in the reader’s mind. We thought about the atmosphere we wanted to create with our writing and how we wanted the reader to feel.

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