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Year One Classes

Term 1 - 2018-2019

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Highlights from 2017-2018

Term 3

Our focus this term was Geography and History - looking at Bristol 100 years ago. We learnt about the similarities and differences of schools and homes now and then. 

We learnt the story of the Gruffalo and used it to write character descriptions. We also enjoyed painting friends for the Gruffalo. 

Our Line of Enquiry focused on materials and where they come from, we learnt about wood, paper, card, plastic, glass and fabric. 

In Maths we revisited addition and subtraction, doubling,  number bonds to 10 and 20. Here are the songs we used to help us:


Term 4 

This term we have been focusing on the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood. We have retold the story through music and songs. We have painted characters  from the story and sketched wolves.  Here is the link if you would like to have a look:

In Maths, we have been learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. Check out the songs below we have been using to help us:

We have moved onto measuring length doing lots of practical activities, using metre sticks, rulers and tape measures. 

Our Line of Enquiry this term has focused on staying healthy. We have looked at healthy food, exercise and hygiene including dental hygiene. 

We were lucky to have an Art session provided by the PTA where the children made collages and clay sculptures. We all really enjoyed it, thank you!