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Year One Classes



Term 1

The children have settled in well into Year 1. They have grown independence and adapted well to the change in their routine.


At the start of the term we focussed on place value up to 10. The children learnt how to identify one more and one less than a number. We used practical resources to partition numbers – finding the parts and the whole. We then moved onto addition and subtraction. We have used the bar model, the part-whole model and visuals to help us with our learning. Next term we will continue with addition and subtraction and move onto place value up to 20 and shape.


This term we have been focussing on Julia Donaldson books. We have learnt how to retell The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and The Smartest Giant with actions. We have enjoyed acting out familiar stories using puppets and songs. In our writing we have been working on using correct punctuation in our sentences (capital letters, full stops and finger spaces). Next term we will continue with these skills moving onto non-fiction writing in the later part of the term.  

Line of Enquiry

At the start of the term we focussed on Who am I? This topic involved discussions in circle time, sharing about our families, friends and how we are all special. We talked about similarities and differences – and how we cannot always see our differences. We learnt to use different materials to create a self-portrait using paint and collage materials.

Year 1 Term 1

We then moved onto “What is my hat made of?” We discussed when, where and why we wear hats. We had fun trying on hats! We had a visit from a hat maker – who shared the process of making a hat. We learnt about different materials and what they are used for. We discussed what materials would be good to make hats and why. We then created our own hats using paper craft and practised different ways of joining.

Next term our topic involves looking at our local area and map work.



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