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The Gem Project

At Bannerman Road all children take part in the Gem Project. Each term classes will focus on a Gem from ‘The Gem Project’ developed by Dr Tom Robson. Each Gem focuses on some of the behaviours the pupils are acquiring to help them to become more effective learners.

Term 1: Ruby...supporting others.

Term 2: Sapphire...keeping focus.

Term 3: Emerald…being courageous and sticking with it even when it gets tough.

Term 4: Diamond…being responsible and able to identify a problem.

Term 5: Amethyst…cooperation learning with a partner.

Term 6: Topaz…learning in a big group working as a team.

Each class will earn Gem’s. They are given a target number of Gem’s to earn and when they have they will receive a reward as a class.

Always Children

We recognise that the majority of children do the expected thing all/most of the time. At Bannerman Road we aim to celebrate this by having ‘always children’. There is a criteria for Bronze, silver and gold always children. Certificates are given at the end of each term. Always children will also be rewarded at the end of each term with an activity/treat.