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Year Five Classes

2019-2020 Highlights - Year 5

Term 1

In English, we have focused on 2 books this term.  The first was “the promise”, a picture book about a homeless child who decides to steal some seeds and makes a promise that she would plant them. She transforms her city into a verdant landscape.  In our writing we had been focusing on writing a science fiction story and alongside this we read “Akiko on the planet smoo”, a story about a Japanese child who is whisked away to a foreign world to save the day! The skills included relative clauses, similes and metaphors.

Our main topic was, “What does the Earth look like from the solar system”?  We learnt about all the planets in our solar system and the history of space travel.  We had an amazing visit from the space detectives who ran a workshop based on the structure of our solar system. We also researched things that particularly interested us, like black-holes, worm-holes and the first moon landing. We learnt that the night sky and the stars and planets had influenced artist throughout history and replicated Van Gogh’s “starry night”.  We also then learnt about how our understanding of the solar system and universe has changed over time by looking at famous scientists from Ptolemy to Einstein.  Our challenge was to create a documentary based on any aspect of space we enjoyed.

In maths, we worked on place value.  Although we were all confident at numbers up to the thousands, in year 5 we took a massive step up and our work included numbers up to millions.  Our knowledge of place value will help us with all the rest of our maths learning for this year.  We also recapped addition and subtraction, working with numbers up to the millions.



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