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Year 2 Line of Enquiry - Brunel


Year 2 Highlights - Term 2



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Highlights from 2017-2018


Term 1

This term we have been exploring the line of enquiry 'Where our families come from?' Here are some photos from our WOW day where the children had to look at photos of food, children, flags and objects from all the different countries  of the children in Year 2. They then had to sort them into the right country of origin. We have analysed maps, found familiar locations and learnt about continents, countries and cities.

In maths the children have been learning about place value and understanding what each digit in a two digit number really means. We have explored through a range of practical methods including making the numbers with numicon and diennes. They can explain that for example the number 32 is 3 tens and 2 ones

The children are going to be writing a defeat the monster story next term and were set the challenge to make a whole class monster. They were split into groups and each group had to make a different part of the monster. They worked collaboratively and used effective communication skills when deciding how they would designtheir part of the monster and what they would need. We then joined it altogether at the end of the session and you can see their finished monster in the photos.


Term 2

During term two the children have been learning about the engineer Brunel as part of their line of enquiry topic. They walked to  Stapleton Road station and travelled to Temple Meads by train. After that they walked back to school and did some observational drawings of the buildings there that Brunel built. Here are some of their Temple Meads drawings.


Term 3

This term some children in Year 2 went to the SS Great Britain with the always children from Year 2-6. They took part in a workshop about Brunel which allowed them to use the information they learnt last term. They had a tour around the ship and really enjoyed themselves. 

Year 2 were learning to write their own setting descriptions and really enjoyed Year 6 coming to read their work. In our line of enquiry we were answering the question 'What is the best material?' which required us to explore different materials and their properties. As our our final challenge we had to build a bug hut in our Forest schools session. We also had a visitor from Active travel to do a scooter skills workshop, teaching us scooter maintenance and how to be safe when we travel to school.

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