Respecting Rights

Rights Respecting at Bannerman Road

At Bannerman road, we are a “Rights Respecting” school. That means we are continually working towards pupils’ acceptance of difference and diversity. Most importantly it means our pupils know their rights and have a voice, as per article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC), which states that:

“Article 12:  all children have the right for their voices to be heard and taken into account.”

Rights respecting is an award run by UNICEF, and to meet the differing levels of the award you must achieve outcomes that enhance the children's, staff and communities knowledge of rights.  In 2019/20 we are consolidating our Silver Award and looking at ways to further entrench rights across the school in our move towards the Gold Award.

To learn more about the award, please visit the UNICEF website here: or ask to talk to Miss Rebecca Long in Apple Tree (year 5 teacher). If your child comes to our school, ask them too. To read the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC), please visit this page:

We would like children to become more aware of the rights of others across the UK and the world. As part of this, a monthly 'Talk Homework' will be sent home to discuss. We would appreciate you spending time with your children to discuss these issues and the importance of individual's rights.

We are looking for some parents to start a rights steering group, to meet a few times a year to discuss and promote rights in our school and our wider community. If you are interested please come and see Miss Long.