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Curriculum Overview

At Bannerman Road Community Academy we recognise that all children are individuals who learn at different rates and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Our Intent

Children will be given the opportunity to be inspired with the familiar and be curious about the unknown; be immersed in language and communicate in different ways; be resilient, challenged and continue to practice; be engaged by and proud of their local environment and think on a global scale; win fairly and lose gracefully; accept help and give willingly; embrace difference, be themselves and stand up for the rights of others. 

Believe you Can! 

Our aim is to provide a curriculum which is designed to ensure that every pupil is supported to succeed so that they become life-long learners prepared to be successful in today’s world. We provide a core curriculum where all children progress and achieve at their age group level.

For those children who are excelling in their learning then we aim to deepen their knowledge further. We also provide opportunities for the more able pupils to enrich their learning further, we have taken them to English events with pupils from other schools where they met a poet and were supported to write poems for example. In addition to our core curriculum we aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences through our Lines of Enquiry.  

If you would like more information about the curriculum we use at Bannerman Road Community Academy, then please email

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