Curriculum Overview


At Bannerman Road Community Academy, we recognise that all children are individuals who learn at different rates and have different strengths and weaknesses therefore we have developed and designed our curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils.

Our aim is to provide a curriculum which is designed to ensure that every pupil is supported to succeed so that they become life-long learners prepared to be successful in today’s world. We provide a core curriculum where all children progress and achieve at their age group level and are given opportunities to master their learning where they are able to. As all children are taught and given opportunities to demonstrate our values (respect, responsibility, resilience, curiosity and collaboration) we encourage them to ‘Believe You Can!’ across all areas of our curriculum.

We teach each subject discretely over a block of weeks to maintain the integrity of the subject and allow our pupils to engage fully with the discipline whilst reducing cognitive load.

Knowledge is at the heart of our curriculum; we want our pupils to know more and remember more.

Underpinning each subject is a clearly defined progression of substantive knowledge which is carefully sequenced to ensure pupils have the necessary components to build on as their learning progresses.

We also want pupils to engage with the disciplinary knowledge necessary to understand the subject. This knowledge is sequenced to allow pupils to work scientifically, geographically or historically.

Our curriculum adapts to the ends and context of our school and is constantly being reviewed and evolving to ensure it remains relevant, broad and balanced.

Throughout our curriculum, our pupils are given the opportunity to be inspired with the familiar and be curious about the unknown; be immersed in language and communicate in different ways; be resilient, challenged and continue to practice; be engaged by and proud of their local environment and think on a global scale; win fairly and lose gracefully; accept help and give willingly; embrace difference, be themselves and stand up for the rights of others.


2023 11 curriculum intent