Government attendance legislation is changing from 19th August 2024.  Please see Bristol City Council document at the bottom of this page.

We aim to work closely together with our parents to support children in their time at school. We take pride in the fact that this is a happy and busy school with a real sense of warmth and team spirit, and we will do all we can to ensure that your child enjoys his/her time at Bannerman Road.

We encourage parents to attend sessions where they can learn to help their child to read, support them with phonics and support them with all of their learning both in Early Years and throughout the school. Parents are invited to share learning experiences from home and comment on the learning that the children are experiencing in school through their learning profiles.

We have regular parents’ evenings to discuss your child’s progress. Parents are also encouraged to access their child’s learning at other times of the year, through attending class assemblies and coming in to the classroom. We are a very open and friendly setting and the class teachers are happy to talk to parents at the end of the day. Our fortnightly newsletter and website will keep you up to date with everything that is going on in our busy school.

Bannerman Road’s Attendance Target is 96%.

If you would like a copy of the Attendance Policy, please call the school office to request a copy.  Alternatively, the policy can be viewed via the Key Information 'Pupil Welfare' section.

Attendance Over One Academy Year

If a student had:

  • 98% attendance = fewer than 4 days absent from school
  • 95% attendance = fewer than 10 days absent from school
  • 90% attendance = 4 weeks absent from school
  • 85% attendance = 5 ½ weeks absent from school
  • 80% attendance = 7 ½ weeks absent from school (Equivalent to one day per week absence for the whole year).

N.B. A child who misses a day of school per week throughout Years 1 – 11 misses an equivalent of over two years of their learning time in school)


If a student had:

  • 85-90% attendance = having over 7 months off school!
  • 80% attendance = having almost 45 weeks off school = one whole school year + half a term missed!

Click to read our procedures to support families and children with their attendance



If your child is going to be absent, please call the school office by 9:00am on 0117 3772080 giving your child’s full name, class and reason for being absent.   

please see below for drop off and pick up times


Nursery am

Nursery pm


Key Stage 1 and  2

Classroom doors open





Classroom doors close 8:40am 12:25pm 8:40am 8:50am

Register marked


12:25 am



If you child arrives between this time, they will be considered late and receive a late mark





Registers close – after this time your child will receive U unless there is an agreed reason why they are late

9:00am onwards

12:55pm onwards

9:10am onwards

9:30am onwards



We know the link between high achievement and high attendance and we want to reward those children with good attendance.

An attendance award is given to the class with the highest attendance per phase. The class win Weekly £5.00 cash for classes who have the highest attendance in their group Y1/2 or Y3/4 or Y5/6 class – to be spent at T2, T4 or T6 or banked and rolled over.

An ‘attendance mascot’ that moves weekly to the classroom where the class with ‘best attendance in the school’ is registered each morning.

A celebration letter is sent home to pupils who have improved their attendance if it was previously low.  

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