Behaviour for Learning

Good behaviour is essential in creating our happy and effective school. Behaviour is something scrutinised in every aspect of achieving a ‘good/ outstanding’ school and we at Bannerman Road Community Academy feel strongly that our behaviour management systems will provide a positive framework for our children to work within successfully.

We feel that behaviour is not something that only happens when rules are broken, more so that it is the values we run our school by every day. We celebrate each child as an individual and the moral fibre that makes each of them unique. As generic as the policy is we aim to treat each child within it as an individual and respond accordingly to their stage of development and self-concept as we would when teaching. We take time to think of what the antecedent triggers to the behaviour could have been and how to support them to alleviate them for the future.

As we are increasingly aware that most children do not want to be known as ‘the naughty child’ and often there behaviours stem from much deeper routed emotional turmoil. Regardless of any child’s past or current living conditions we do not as a school expect anything less than their best and showing the children we believe in them gives them continuity and helps them aspire to be more. Our focus is less on the reactionary measures we use when the rules are broken and more on making the day to day rewards for following our values rich with opportunity and success.

The heart of school culture is the deeper level of basic beliefs and values shared by those in the school. Louise stoll et al. 2003

Our Aims:

Bannerman Road Community Academy and aim to create an inclusive environment which is underpinned by our values and beliefs. It is imperative that all children feel safe and that their thoughts and opinions are valued. By upholding these values on a daily basis, we believe the children will develop the skills they need throughout their life to make them holistically well rounded and successful people.

To achieve this we have to:

  • Ensure the school ethos is underpinned by the school values.
  • Create a positive environment where all children feel safe and valued.
  • Promote positive behaviours and an understanding of personal responsibility so thatself-esteem and positive relationships can develop.
  • Encourage children to make the right choices independently.
  • Ensure the school’s expectations are widely known and understood allowing consistency of response to positive and negative behaviours.
  • Educate to eliminate bullying, racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice.
  • Encourage the involvement

We hope that every child leaving Bannerman Road Community Academy should

  • Enjoy the journey of learning

  • Have an open and enquiring mind

  • Have a strong sense of self-concept

  • Not be afraid to take risks to develop their own learning

  • Be able to independently manage strong emotions appropriately

  • Know and be proud of their own skills and positive qualities in others

  • Be able to recognise and value skills and positive qualities in others

  • Achieve the highest levels of English, Maths and Information Technology, together with social and communication skills

  • Enjoy physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

This will enable each child to enjoy their learning experience and allow them to develop to their fullest.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing the highest quality environment, where each child is safe to take risks and learn
  • Outstanding teaching
  • Stimulating learning experiences relevant to each child’s present and future needs, including outdoor learning and Forest schools
  • High expectations of all of the children
  • An inclusive approach that meets the needs of all of our children
  • A school that reflects the cultures in the area
  • Clear and high expectations for all children