The Governing Body

Changes with E-act merger

As VT transitions to join E-ACT, our academy governance model will evolve to align with E-ACT's approach. The key changes are:

  • Across all VT academies – Our Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) are being replaced by Academy Ambassador groups. Academy Ambassadors provide a bridge between the school and the community.  They advocate on behalf of children through supporting the school in accessing local partnerships that create value, allow the voice of parents to be heard and to provide some independent feedback to the E-ACT board of trustees on their experience of the academy.  Headteachers will be working with Chairs and our Interim CEO to develop Academy Ambassador groups with the goal of having these in place by September 2024.
  • For secondary academies – Decision making authority has transitioned from LGBs to E-ACT Education Directors who will performance manage Headteachers and oversee school improvement.
  • For primary & special academies – Venturers’ Academy & VT primary academies will retain their current VT Scheme of Delegation for now but will transition during this academic year onto E-ACT's model.


These governance changes are an important part of integrating VT into E-ACT to provide consistently strong leadership and oversight for the progress of our students. Please reach out ( if you have any questions about how our governance will evolve. We aim to make this a smooth transition that enables our academies to go from strength to strength as part of E-ACT.


Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Appointed As

Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests

Meetings Attended 2022/23

Anna Hicks


4 years Elected Staff Nil 4/5
Andy Bates 22/09/22 0 years Co-opted Nil 5/5
Annika Johnson 07/10/21 4 years Co-opted Employee of Trust Sponsor (University of Bristol) 5/5
Jane Bryan 25/11/21 4 years Parent Governor TBC 3/5
Ramso Sugulle 06/07/23 4 years Associate Governor TBC 1/5
Syed Ahmed 06/07/23 4 years  Parent Governor TBC 1/5
Ben Hardy 01/09/2023 4 years  Chair of the Local Governing Body (LGB).  SEND governor TBC 0/5

Governors who have served in the previous 12 months 

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Appointed As Relevant Pecuniary & Business Interests Meetings Attended
Stephanie Evans 10/10/19 - 06/07/2023 4 Years Co-opted Nil 2/2
Robert Bourns 15/01/2019 - 01/09/2023 4 years Chair of the Local Governing Body (LGB).  SEND governor Nil 5/5


Further information about Venturers Trust Governance can be found on the Venturers Trust website