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Welcome to Bannerman Road



We are unable to offer Parent Tours at the moment. So our Principal Mrs Prewett and the staff have made this short film, to show you around virtually. We know this is not the same as being able to meet you, but hope it offers you a flavour of our fantastic school.



I hope the frequently asked questions below will also help you with any queries but if there is anything that has not been answered then please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01173772080 or email us on

Do you have a breakfast club and after school club?

We do offer a breakfast club from 8am. It is £2.50 and includes cereal or toast and a drink. We also offer an After-school club from 3pm to 5pm costing £6 per child. We can on arrangement offer additional cover until 6pm which has an additional charge.

How many adults are there supporting in each class?

In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 there is a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant in every class all day. In Year 3,4,5 and 6 in every class there is a Teacher and a Teaching Assistant every morning. Depending on the number of children in the class there may be a teaching assistant in the class during the afternoon or one teaching assistant that works across both classes.

What is your behaviour policy?

We like to call this our Belonging, Behaviour and Engagement Policy and it can be found on our website on the behaviour page. Our behaviour policy is positive, focusing on our core values and all children supporting each other to achieve.

All children start on ‘Ready to learn’ at the beginning of the day and can move up or down on the panels depending on the behaviours shown. We have a positive point system to reward positive learning behaviours and portrayal of our values. Children are rewarded an amount of points depending on the stage they are at e.g. Focused Learner – 1 point, Outstanding learner 2 points, Above and Beyond – 3 points. Once the child has received 30 points they may choose an item from their class menu as a class reward. The children decide on their class menu at the beginning of the year and this must include one physical item, one food item and the rest quality time rewards e.g. 10 minutes on an ipad. Ten minutes is the maximum amount for a reward.

When we are dealing with behaviours that challenge, children move down the stages depending on which behaviours are being portrayed. We use the 4Rs to support children so that they are able to ‘reason’ and ‘repair’ the behaviour and move back up the panels of their own accord. However, if they are unable to do so the panels are reset at lunchtime, so that there is a positive start to the afternoon.

Every Friday we have a Golden Assembly where children are celebrated for excellent learning, showing the school values and for healthy packed lunches.

Click here to read our Belongings, Behaviour and Engagement Policy


How are the children taught reading?

We believe that Reading is the key to all learning. When the children start in EYFS they will be taught reading through phonics and using matching phonetically decodable books. Our staff are skilled in the teaching of reading and every child will be heard reading in school at least once a week.

Click here to read more about how we teach reading


Click here to see how you can support your child at home


How do you support and challenge able children? How do you support children who are struggling/ have SEND needs?

Within all subjects all children are expected to make progress in their learning from their starting points. Teachers know their classes well and support all children to make progress.  Able children are challenged to deepen their learning and ‘apply to demonstrate’ this may mean that they show the learning in a different context for example.

additional pre or post teaching in the class to support them to understand what they are being taught. If children continue to find the learning difficult then they may take part in an intervention in order to support them.

We have a full-time SENDCo at the school who works with children and families of children with SEND needs to ensure that we can support them to progress in their learning.

How do you support children with EAL?

All Teachers and Teaching Assistants are trained to support children who have English as and additional language. For those children who need additional support or start the school with no English we have an EAL Teaching Assistant who will take them out regularly to support them with their language development.

How often do children attend Forest Schools?

We have a fantastic Forest School on site. The children have a Forest School session every other week. Our children love Forest Schools and you will see in our film some of the fantastic opportunities that they have when they are there! Forest Schools is all about a holistic approach to learning, they learn all about nature, planting, building, working as a team and building resilience. Cooking on the fire is a popular activity and we hope in the future to add a wildlife pond.

What sports do you offer?

All children have 2 PE sessions a week and Year 3 go swimming. We have coaches in from Premier Sports to encourage active lunchtimes and after school sports clubs, children often take part in sports competitions and Year 5 really enjoy the Bristol Together Football Tournament when we pair with another school and build a team together. When we can we have various trial sports for the children to try – we have had Archery, Fencing, Rugby and Skipping recently.

Do you offer music tuition?

Children learn a variety of musical instruments in their music lessons. We offer whole class music tuition through Bristol Plays Music and in the past the children have learnt the Ukulele, steel plans, harmonica and recorder. We also work with Rock Steady Music where children can choose to be part of a band. There have been some fabulous performances from our bands to the whole school!

What is the process when children start school?

In EYFS - At the start of September we will carry out home visits or visits in school. Your child’s teacher and teaching assistant will meet you and your child so that they become a familiar adult before their first time in school. When the children start school we transition them in over a 3-4 week period where they attend for half days in smaller groups. They will then attend for a morning with lunch as a whole class before starting fulltime (usually by the first week in October).

KS1 and KS2 – you will be given a start day and we will show you on your first day where to drop off and collect your child. We then see how they get on and work with you to give your child a settled start in school.

How involved are parents in the school?

We have an active PTA who support the school with fundraising and events. We also have some parents who come and support us by volunteering in Forest Schools, walking to swimming and hearing children read. We love it when parents share their talents with us and the c